BostonBusMap is an app for Android phones. It uses data provided by the MBTA to plot the real-time location of buses on a map, and predict bus arrivals.

Please email if you have any questions, comments, bug reports, patches, or feature requests.

I made a twitter account: @bostonbusmap. I'll send updates on it if a bug is discovered

Click here for more detailed information about the app that may be of interest to developers, for instance how it works and where the source code can be downloaded.

Basic Usage

There are two dropdown menus on top; one shows what bus route you're focused on, and the other shows what information the app is showing. Click on the dropdown menu on the upper right to switch modes:

The buses show real time location data, and the bus stops show real time prediction information (around when will the next bus arrive?)

To see an overlay of the currently selected route, click the menu button and enable "Show route path?" in the settings menu. This may be slow for older Android devices.


The app is available in the App Market. Here's a link you can use with your Android device: market://search?q=pname:boston.Bus.Map or you can search for BostonBusMap.


There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind regarding the app or its information. You should not rely on this app; mistakes and errors can and do happen. For more information click here.



Name: George Schneeloch

Email: bostonbusmap@gmail.com


You can email Josh Robin. They have a twitter feed, @MassDOTdev. The MassDOT developers page with more info is here.